Why you should have art in your garden

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One of the main themes running through my work is the fact that our own existence is interconnected with everything in our surrounding environment. The hidden forces that we cannot see constantly surround us in an ever changing dance. The home encases us with four strong walls, insulation and all sorts of interior design decoration is supposed to be a barrier to these forces to keep us safe and warm and provide us with a static environment in which to work, play and bring up a family. It is in the garden that we have the opportunity to experience the delicate and different forces of nature around us. This is why I believe having a piece of garden sculpture can help you to celebrate those forces and to understand and become connected to the environment every time you step outside.
There are so many reasons adding art to your garden is important. Of course, as an artist, I am biased toward the advantages that garden art offers. But I whole-heartedly think that contemporary kinetic sculptures in whatever form is the perfect way to express the beauty of nature.
From the use of different flowers and greenery, gardens are as unique as your personality. Artwork can accentuate this uniqueness by adding texture, colour and creating a certain atmosphere depending on your garden theme.
Whether you choose a simple wooden piece for a rustic feel or a moving metal sculpture that will be the centre of attraction, you are spoilt for choice. If you’re still undecided about whether your garden would benefit from an art piece, I have five reasons why you should consider it.  
1. Shows your uniqueness
Plants, shrubs and greenery all add nice flourishes of colour but a lot of gardens share some similarities.
The best way to add intrigue to the space can be with some art in your garden. Garden sculpture reflects your style preferences and your personality without the need to use words. It tells a story and helps create a certain ambience in your garden.
2. Creates a style
I have found nice garden design can add a personal touch to a space but with limitations.
This is where outdoor artwork comes in handy. You can, for example, choose my nature artwork to convey a more traditional garden theme or kinetic sculpture for a wow factor. Artwork in the garden helps to bring together your overall style.
3. Add contrast and balance
All gardens should have a connection to the immediate environment around them. This includes considering the landscape, nature’s hidden forces and the architecture. Introducing art that captures the essence of all these factors in your garden adds contrast and balance.
The contrast created by adding metal, copper or a mix of colours in your garden creates an intriguing layered look. You also have the option of introducing movement into your garden with kinetic wind sculptures
Your art must have a sense of place among the greenery and flowers, regardless of the type of artwork you choose.  The stainless steel sculptures I make fit nicely into modern contemporary gardens as well as more traditional garden spaces, enhancing the space they inhabit.  Even with larger kinetic pieces I have found that they do not look out of place in smaller gardens due to their slenderness.
4. Creates a year-round statement
Mixing materials and textures in the garden can have some wonderful results. As the seasons change and the greenery falls away, you can still have a stunning garden even in the dead of winter.
Sculptures, wood, and stone pieces are a great way to make a statement in your garden. This is even more beneficial if you are not particularly gifted with green fingers.  
5. Fills up empty spaces
It is quite common to have some empty spots that you can’t figure out how to tie together with the rest of your garden. If planting trees or some flowers in that spot makes little sense because plants won’t grow well or won’t look right, artwork can dress up that area quite nicely. 
If you are still stuck for ideas on what art to get for your garden, you can find inspiration by looking through some of my designs.  Feel free to contact me with an image of your space and I would be happy to photoshop a sculpture of your choosing into the space to see how it looks.
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