The sculptures I create are predominantly large-scale kinetic wind sculptures for gardens and outdoor public space installations.  I work with stainless steel and Corten (architectural) steel in specialist workshops which allow me to create these precisely engineered contemporary sculptures.

After months of sketching and adjusting I create a working, reasonable size model to watch how the pieces interact in the wind.  This can be altered and played with until the desired effects are achieved.  Computer Aided Design software then allows me to further develop these designs, ensuring no collisions as well as precisely balancing the sculpture.  Once a working model is achieved; pieces are laser cut, milled parts are engineered and the sculpture is precision assembled.

When building these pieces, I utilise my background in engineering to ensure their safety, designing them according to wind loading standards, and ensuring their foundations are of the required strength. When appropriate I use Chartered Engineers to carry out more specialist calculations.

We have availability for welding instruction by renowned sculptors, and welcome inquiries from those interested in coming to learn this skill with us. You can find my contact details here for any enquiries.

Telephone: 07792 817 950


Please get in touch if you are interested in purchasing any of my work