The kinetic wind sculptures that I create bring to life the hidden forces surrounding us in an ever-changing dance. In such a complex world it is more important than ever to feel connected to, and understand, the environment we inhabit. The sculptures glint in the sun as they move, reflecting the beauty of our shared world, and bringing a spark of joy to their surroundings

My love of paragliding has given me a deep understanding of weather and wind flow, which combined with my background in engineering, has made the progression from static to kinetic sculptures a natural one.

For me, play is both an important part of my life, and a crucial element in learning to understand the physics of the world. Using experimentation to explore fluid dynamics, hidden forces, and patterns in nature allows me to better understand their interactions. This exploration directly informs my understanding of how to create kinetic sculptures that move consistently, in varying patterns, in even the lightest of winds. This play continues throughout each sculpture’s development, with computer modelling, and with actual models tested in the wind.

Living and management of our family farm in the countryside for most of my life has given me a truly deep connection to, and inherent understanding of, the complexities of the natural system we inhabit. My lust for spending time in nature continues through my other hobbies: paragliding, climbing, camping, and multi-day hiking, all of which require a hands-on relationship with the natural world, and complement my understanding of it.

The materials I use to build kinetic sculpture

Using stainless steel and Corten metal I’m able to create intricate, large scale pieces of contemporary art for installation in public spaces, private gardens, and sculpture exhibitions. I work with a variety of specialists where required, and have completed outdoor sculpture commissions for universities, schools, and galleries. These sculptures have a worldwide audience, and alongside UK work I have completed several international commissions.

I endeavor to bring to life the hidden forces of nature, showing off the beauty of mathematics and science interacting with the environment, whilst connecting people with their surroundings.


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Exhibitions 2021

The Brunswick Centre – London

Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden – Dorking, Surrey

Montcrieff Bray Gallery – Petworth, Sussex

Delamore Arts – Ivybridge, Devon

Fresh Air Sculpture – Quenington, Gloucestershire

Borde Hill Sculpture Exhibition – Sussex

Malvern Spring Gardening Show – Malvern, Worcestershire

Sculpture By The Lakes – Dorchester, Dorset

The Sculpture Park – Chirt, Surrey

Exhibitions 2020

The Brunswick Centre – London

Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden – Dorking, Surrey

Montcrieff Bray Gallery – Petworth, Sussex

Delamore Arts – Ivybridge, Devon

The Sculpture Park – Chirt, Surrey

Doddington Hall Sculpture Exhibition – Lincoln

Canwood Gallery  –  Checkley, Herefordshire

Malvern Plant & Garden Fair – Three Counties Showground – Worcestershire

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Public Sculpture Commissions

Newport News, Virginia, USA – “Fluidity” Kinetic Wind Sculpture – 2022

The Brunswick Centre, London – “Coreografia” Kinetic Sculpture – 2020

Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester  –  Barley Ears – 2015

Fordhill Community Farm, Shropshire  –  Beetle Sculpture – 2015

Northland College, Ashland, Wisconsin  –  Encompassed – 2015

Sacred Kingdom, Texas  –  Geodesic Crystal Energy Forms – 2014

Eardisley School, Herefordshire  –  Autumn Archway – 2013

Manilla Flight Park, Australia  –  Wedge-tailed Eagle – 2012