Contemporary Garden Sculpture: Owning Kinetic Sculpture

Kinetic Sculpture in Garden

As the morning sun rises gently peering above the horizon, The golden rays of the sun start to cast its brilliant glow across the expanse of the garden. As it is early in the morning the frost and the dew are still settling, I find myself once again drawn once to the majestic moving centerpiece that sits within my outdoor sanctuary. Years ago I installed a large kinetic wind sculpture that has since been dancing in the wind throughout every season change. Through the greenery and pleasant dimensions of my garden the wind sculpture stands elevated amidst the sea of flowers that adorn my well tended to garden. This intricate sculpture captures my attention as it always tends to do with it with its poised movements and dynamic formations that never seem to repeat. As a homeowner with a large garden sculpture, I have come to really savour these private moments that I have with this metal work of art.

The large silver moving sculpture that sits Incongruously on my land is an object that peaks my visual interest every time my eyes are cast over it. Its presence in a pleasant green garden creates a captivating focal point.  Any great piece of art will start to draw the eye and igniting the human brain into questions its purpose, form and function. At every gentle turn in the wind the sculpture seems to change form and come to life in a new way. Its dynamic motions infusing the garden with an energy that is both mesmerizing and enchanting.

It has been said many times before that art is a invitation to have a conversation. There’s choosing a unique and custom designed kinetic wind sculpture is the kind of object that no doubt has the power to spark conversation and curiosity amongst the visitors to my garden. The sculpture has the power to cause my guests to pause looking in wonder as it moves majestically in the wind. Most of the guests are eager to learn more about the history and the reason for having such a grand and majestic sculpture within my garden . There are not many garden decorations that can spark such a level of conversation often playful nature of the sculpture gives my outdoor space a personality that remains with my visitors long after their visit to my property ends.

One of the best things about my kinetic sculpture is that from the vantage point that I have installed it gives me many chances to interact and discover the sculpture in new lights. Looking at it from different vantage points and at different times of the day, it is possible to see how the sculpture’s can dance gracefully with the wind in one moment and once another weather system hits the sculpture can behave in almost a completely different way. Varying the angle of viewing coupled with the often-changing weather systems of the UK means that the sculpture continually offers up a new perspective and gives me a fresh sense of wonder.  It is an experience seeing how such a manmade and engineered sculpture can connect with the natural world that that invites contemplation within me and my guests.

We love the idea that commissioning a large custom sculpture in our garden helps to support a local artists. We think that by having artwork in our garden we can help to champion creativity and innovation in the area. Anyone who passes our property can see the artwork and we have heard people talking about the sculpture when we are going for coffee in our local area. By investing in art that a community can celebrate and talk about we feel that this can help drive creativity and innovation not just in our garden but more further afield.

Contrary to what one might expect, a properly built kinetic sculpture requires minimal upkeep once installed. Designed to withstand the elements, these sturdy structures naturally move with the wind, requiring little intervention on the part of the owner. It’s a low-maintenance investment that continues to bring joy and beauty in our household for years to come.

When the sun goes down and darkness descends upon my garden it was wise to  install some form of lighting to illuminate the sculpture to transform the kinetic sculpture from a single colour artwork into a shimmering nighttime focal point, enhancing the garden’s evening ambiance. Bathed in a soft, ethereal glow, the sculpture takes on a new life, casting enchanting shadows and adding an element of magic to the nighttime landscape.

The motion of wind sculptures serves as a poignant reminder of nature’s forces and the power of renewable energy. With each graceful movement, we are reminded of the wind’s invisible presence, raising awareness of our interconnectedness with the environment. It’s a subtle yet powerful tribute to sustainability and eco-conscious living.

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