‘Fluidity’ is my largest and most ambitious kinetic wind sculpture so far. I endeavour to bring a sense of joy to its viewers with its ever-changing flows of energy.

This contemporary sculpture enhances the space it inhabits by reflecting the world around it and reacting to new weather conditions with a variety of different movements. The mesmerising and enchanting nature of its rotational flow makes it fascinating and inspiring to watch, as it appears to dance and play in its natural environment.

Many years of experience in designing and creating kinetic wind sculptures means I have been able to develop pieces that move effortlessly in the lightest of winds, and do not build up energy in strong weather conditions. The development of this piece took nine months, and involved working with a variety of specialists; it is engineered to UK wind loading standards.


“Coreografia” kinetic wind sculpture is a contemporary sculpture in a line of exploration around the human form. The gently moving sculpture dances through day and night bringing a sense of wonder to any garden she is immersed in.

It has taken many years of learning to understand the required geometry within these pieces, this has allowed me to make sculptures that constantly, effortlessly move in flowing, varying forms, even in the lightest of winds.

This sculpture is made of stainless steel and is designed to withstand UK wind loading’s with no maintenance requirements.  The sculpture is silent and even in high winds the piece does not gain excessive energy; continuing to move gracefully and elegantly.

Meandeering Valleys
‘Meandering Valleys’ kinetic sculpture moves effortlessly in the lightest of winds.  Emulating the sensation of walking through a valley with a meandering river, this sculpture continuously reflects shapes that surround us in nature.
This contemporary sculpture is a mesmerizing piece to watch as it constantly forms new shapes, having varied personalities in different weather conditions.
A smaller version of ‘Meandering Valleys’ Kinetic Sculpture is available too, this is suitable for smaller garden spaces and moves just as easily.
“Wisp” is another outdoor kinetic wind sculpture which is available in stainless steel or corten architectural steel. This smaller kinetic sculpture is a great addition to any size of garden. The beauty of balance and geometry is shown off in a spectacular way within this piece.
Transfiguration is a stainless steel kinetic wind sculpture which plays with the concept of balance and transfer of energy through specific angles to create intriguing, fluid, geometric patterns. Its reaction to its environment; depending on wind conditions and surroundings, creates constantly varying, unique; flowing and chaotic systems even in the lightest of winds.
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